I’ve been wanting to do this for a long long long while, but laziness or something gets in the way.


I enjoy cooking. I’m not that great at it, although some people may tell you otherwise. But I enjoy sharing some of the meals I’ve cooked up, and often times I’m asked for the recipe and more photos of the meal/cooking process, so I figured that it’s time I get off my lazy butt (oh wait, I’m sitting on it right now writing this! :P) and start up a foods related thing here. It will most definitely also include foods that I’ve eaten that I have not cooked myself but want to share anyway, because hey, this is the Internet and Instagram only goes so far!



I’m definitely going to be using #kristyeats with all related posts, be forewarned. :)


My grandparents gave me my first job. Every other Saturday, I’d go over and clean their house, enjoy a lunch that typically consisted of boiled hot dogs with sliced bread, read through the Almonte Gazette and the EMC from that week, and occasionally have a nap with my grandfather – he on his blue couch, and me on mine.

I was paid $10 each time I went over to clean (woohoo!), but honestly, it wasn’t the money that I earned that had me going back every other weekend. I learned so much about life from these two people who loved me, our family and each other unconditionally.

My grandfather and I would talk about his time serving in World War II, and my grandmother would teach me how to make things with plastic canvas, bake (okay maybe she just let me supervise the dessert making and sample for health and safety reasons), and when I was paying attention, how to knit mittens and sew.

They were always patient with me, even on my crankiest of days, and always ALWAYS ensured the pickle supply never ran out (they also never ratted me out for sneaking pickles or olives or cheese or meat before dinner cause I was hungry and too impatient to wait).

One thing I loved, and is a tradition I’d like to continue with the little ones in my family as I outgrow being one of the little ones myself, was the sibling gift bag on birthdays. There wasn’t a single year that would go by as well were growing up, not a single birthday missed, that the two who weren’t celebrating a birthday didn’t have a sibling gift bag. They’d contain mostly school supplies and unmentionables, with the occasional toy – this is what happens with two birthdays at the start of the school year and one right before Christmas.

If I could be even half the awesome that these two were, I think I’d be mostly set for life.

It’s been fifteen years since you left us, but look how our family has grown! All of your grandbabies grew up into well adjusted adults (isn’t that a scary thought some days?), and our family has grown and grown. Now you’ve got two great grandbabies, and many great grandfurbabies. Not a day goes by that you are not missed, your love for each and every one of us not felt. Our family will continue to grow, and continue to cherish the memories with you. We will keep that place for you in our hearts, and continue to tell the world how wonderful you were.

Love you always and forever grammie. <3