I’ve been wanting to do this for a long long long while, but laziness or something gets in the way. I enjoy cooking. I’m not that great at it, although some people may tell you otherwise. But I enjoy sharing some of the meals I’ve cooked up, and often times I’m asked for the recipeContinue reading “#kristyeats”


My grandparents gave me my first job. Every other Saturday, I’d go over and clean their house, enjoy a lunch that typically consisted of boiled hot dogs with sliced bread, read through the Almonte Gazette and the EMC from that week, and occasionally have a nap with my grandfather – he on his blue couch,Continue reading “Saturdays”

It’s been fifteen years since you left us, but look how our family has grown! All of your grandbabies grew up into well adjusted adults (isn’t that a scary thought some days?), and our family has grown and grown. Now you’ve got two great grandbabies, and many great grandfurbabies. Not a day goes by thatContinue reading

someday, soon, i will get back to writing here.


working on getting my tumblr setup on a subdomain. waiting for tumblr support to get back to me on the whole missing custom domain option. i betcha i’ll be waiting a while. 🙁

Sleepless in Ottawa…

…yup, that’s pretty much me. I don’t sleep very much these days. My body seems to think it’s alright to wake up after four or five hours. Sometimes I’m cool with that, most times, however, I definitely disagree. I like my sleep.

Big Bike 2010

Did you know that every 7 minutes, a Canadian dies from heart disease or stroke? I’m participating in the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Big Bike Ride on June 1st at work. The event is so successful at work, we’ve reserved our own event day, and have 9 bikes that will be there. 9 bikes ofContinue reading “Big Bike 2010”

It’s been too long.

Talk about neglection. Wow. Remember that top seekrit job interview thingy that I was dealing with a few weeks ago? Well, it went really well. As did the follow up interview the next Monday. So well in fact, that I am now an employee of [redacted].  Pretty sweet deal. I’m currently ending my third weekContinue reading “It’s been too long.”