short term guests

Rob and I are hosting my friend from Mixer, Kittie, and her family for a few days while they get settled after their move to the city. I’ve taken some time off work and am excited to help them begin the getting settled process in a new place! Not sure where they’re headed to afterContinue reading “short term guests”

Memories That Never Fade

It’s been eight years, and not a single day goes by that I don’t miss one of the best men I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing (let alone being related to). So much has changed in the time that has elapsed, but it still feels like yesterday. Our memories are fresh in my mind.Continue reading “Memories That Never Fade”


I’ve been wanting to do this for a long long long while, but laziness or something gets in the way. I enjoy cooking. I’m not that great at it, although some people may tell you otherwise. But I enjoy sharing some of the meals I’ve cooked up, and often times I’m asked for the recipeContinue reading “#kristyeats”